About the dart calculator


  • Easy to understand for the beginner
  • Advanced enough for the experienced
  • Dart out chart from 170 to 41
  • Keeps score for two players
  • Free download for windows and Mac OS
  • Checks for updates automatically
  • Why use it?

    Why not, a lot of people find keeping the score difficult,this keeps track of the score so there can't be a miscalculation, due to maybe one to many beers.

    If you find a error, or you would like to have something added to the calculator, please contact me, or leave a reply.

    23 Responses to “Dart Calculator”

    • Ed Kemp:

      Do you have a download of this program that will work with windows7 as our seniors club does not have internet access? If so what is the price?
      Ed Kemp

    • Hi, I can compile a exe file of the program later tonight and send to you, it should work with windows 7.

      The program is donationware so it’s free, but you can donate me a beer if you like it.

    • I have uploaded a windows version of the calculator. You can find the download link on the top of the sidebar.

    • Brett:

      Any way of adding a button that can correct an incorrect entry, halfway through a game the scorer hit 20 instead of triple 20 and there is no way to correct without restarting. Cool program.

    • Brett:

      Thanks Howard for the Delete button, works a treat. What if you added in a dart out section giving us our dart out score options. ie: 170 = T20 T20 DB which updates as the score lowers.


    • Sure, that was on the todo list anyway.

      Not sure when I get around to do it,but can probably take a look at it this weekend.

    • Van:

      Just downloaded Great program. Any chance of Cricket scoring.

    • ace:

      Mac version doesn’t show dart out suggestion

    • Phill:

      hi when will download link be updated to 1.01 as ot still downloads old version 0.99 but says update available when run on pc



    • Thomas:

      Glad I found this keep up the good work

    • Mike:

      Hi Howard,

      You have a potentially powerful product here. I am looking for a little more features than what is already there; I like the simplistic approach since I am planning to use it with beginners.

      Please contact me via email to discuss further.

      Yes, I agree with the other users that it is a good piece of work.

      Hear from you soon.


    • Shel:

      “Delete Last” doesn’t work for a 3rd dart.
      3-dart average stats would be a nice feature.
      Otherwise cool program.

    • karl:


    • Centy:

      Hi Howard

      Your app is very fine but doesn’t control ‘the reaching zero’ state and doesn’t check double at the end. I was very confused when I saw minus points on the board.

      If you add these features, you may be sure that I’ll donate you a beer :)


    • Alex:

      Hi Howard.

      Very nice utility. One slight bug i’ve found with the software reference the delete last dart option.

      Unfortunately if it’s your 3rd dart you don’t get the opportunity to delete it in time before it reverts to the next player :-(

      Also it allows you to bust stay in a minus figure rather than returning to the previous legitimate finish.

      Many thanks in anticipation,

    • Will try to check out the bugs in the program, I have been in and out of hospital lately, but feeling better now.

      Will update the page when it’s ready

    • belphegor:

      I love your program.
      The only thing I mis is the option for only 1 player.
      I’m terrible at math and mostly I dart/practice at home alone.
      So a solo play mode or something like that would be awsome.
      Keep up the good work.

      • belphegor:

        I also noticed that the letter “K” doesn’t apear.
        I wanted to play against my brother called Jack.
        It only shows Jac. (even if I copy and paste the name it still says Jac)

    • Ralph Mask:

      Is it possible to configure for just one player during practice sessions?

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